How do I listen to the newest audio files?

   I'm going to use Internet Explorer 7 to demonstrate, but it's similar in all browsers. Starting on the front page, you'll see this (well, similar to this):


   Hover over the word "Audio" on the navigation bar and you'll see a drop-down menu appear; move down to "Newest" and click:

Hover over the word "Audio" and choose "Newest"

   That will bring you to our audio page, which has audio files listed for the last 7 days:

Audio page

   Click on the speaker icon ( speaker) to open a window that will play the file.

How can I listen to audio files from last week or a few weeks ago?

  Do all the steps above. When you get to the Audio page, click on the link that says "Previous (older)". That will list the audio files for the previous 7 days. You can keep clicking "Previous (older)" to go back through our files a week at a time.

How can I find older audio files?

   There are a few different ways to find older audio files. Start from the front page, and hover over the word "Audio" on the navigation bar. Move down and click on "By person":

Choose "By person" to get a list of people who have been interviewed

   You will get a list of all the people who have ever been interviewed here on Doug's Dirt Diary:

Audio files listed by person

   Each name is a link that will bring up a list of all the interviews that person has done. The files will be listed from most recent to oldest, and each will have a date and description. Clicking on the first name as an example, we would see:

A list of interviews the driver has done

   You can get a listing of audio files listed by track or by class by choosing those links on the navigation bar. There are also two other links; "Specials" will give a listing of files that don't really fall into any of the categories. And choosing "Search" will bring you to this page:

Search our audio files

   Using this page, you can search for audio files by People, by Track, by Class or search through the special files. Just choose the category by using the menu, type in the search you want to do, and click on "Search". If you leave the second box blank you'll get a list of all the entries in that category. Otherwise, you'll get a list of all the audio files that fit your search.

How can I save an audio file?

   Our sound files are in .mp3 format, so they can be saved and played on most portable music players or iPods. If you're having trouble getting the files to play, or if you have a slow connection to the internet you may want to download the audio files so you can listen to them later. To save an audio file, click on the speaker icon for that file; this will bring up the window with the embedded player. After the line "Can't get the audio to play?" is the link "Click here". Click there:

Click on the link that says click here

   That will bring up Windows Media Player (usually...that's the way it's set up by default. Installing a program that plays music files can cause that program to "take over" from Media Player. If that's the case, the basic premise is the same, but the details will be different). Your Media Player may not look like mine (in fact, the odds are against it), but the idea is the same. Click on the word "File" on the top bar, and choose "Save As":

The media player

   That will bring up a window that will ask you where you'd like to save the file. In this example (and usually where Windows will start) we'll save it to the desktop:

Save the file to the desktop

   You can tell it will go to the desktop because that's what's in the top box (labelled "Save in:"). You can select a different place for it by clicking on the caret at the far right of the box and choosing another location. Click the "Save" button and the file will be downloaded.

   We hope this help section has made it easier for you to access our files. Please let us know if this was helpful or if we can help you further in any way by using the link below to contact the webmaster.

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