Why would I use anything but Internet Explorer? I already have it, and I know how to use it!

   There are a few reasons:

   The browser I use and like most is Firefox 2. It's free, and has a few nice features:

   Tabbed browsing - Internet Explorer 7 has tabs too, but I like the way they're done in Firefox better. I can click on a link with my mouse wheel, and it will open that link in a new tab, behind the one I'm looking at. Instead of opening a whole new window, I end up with several pages open on tabs. It looks like this:

Firefox tabs

   The tabs load in the background, so I can keep reading the stuff on one page, while another loads. And I can switch from page to page by clicking the tabs. Each tab has a  red "X" to close it when I'm done.

   Plugins - The group that wrote Firefox lets other people write "plugins" for it. In general, a plugin is a small piece of code that extends or adds onto a main program. The plugin for Firefox that really sealed it for me is called "Image Zoom". It gives me a whole sub-menu of zoom choices when I right-click on any image I'm looking at:

Image Zoom

   I think the nicest feature of the Image Zoom plugin is "Image Fit", which resizes the image to fit the window. But, as you can see, there are a whole bunch of choices you can make to size the image the way you want to see it. Remember though, if you download the image it's still the same size...Image Zoom just changes the way it's displayed.
   Another plugin that makes life easier for me is called "Web Developer". It gives me a whole sub-menu of things that really help when I'm writing web pages:

Fifefox Web Developer plugin

   I can actually make changes to the styles on the page to see how they look before applying those changes to the whole site. I know, it's not up there with the heart-lung machine on the importance scale, but it makes things a bit eaiser.

To get Firefox and the plugins I've mentioned, follow these links:

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