How can I see where Doug will be for the next week?

   On the front page, there is a blue box with Doug's picture in it:

Click on the where's Doug box

   Click anywhere in the box to bring up a window with Doug's plans for the next week.

  How can I vote in the poll?

   On the front page there's a blue box with the poll in it:

The poll box

   Click in one of the "radio buttons" (that's what the little white circles are called...really!). Then click the "Vote!" button:

   Once you've voted, the page will reload and you'll see the results of the poll up to that point:

After the vote

   You can vote more than once in each poll.

  How can I see the results of previous polls?

   To see the results of earlier polls, click on the "Click here for more results" link and a window will open with the results of the last 4 polls.

  How can I go directly to the latest image folders?

   On the front page there is a blue box with three images in a film strip:

Click on one of the images in the strip

   Clicking on one of the images will bring you to a page that displays the bin with that image in it. The images will usually be from the three latest sets we've uploaded.

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