How can I watch your video files?

   I'm going to use Internet Explorer 7 to demonstrate, but it's similar in all browsers. Starting on the front page, you'll see this (well, similar to this):


   Hover over the word "Video" on the navigation bar and you'll see a drop-down menu appear; move down to "Video Categories " and click:

Hover over the word "Video"

   This will bring you to our Video Categories page:

Our video categories page

   This page gives you a list of all the different types of videos that we have. As an example, hover over and click on the words "Video Updates":

Our video updates page

   This page will let you pick individual videos. To play a video, click on the words "Media Player" to play it with Microsoft Windows Media Player. Click on the words "Flash Player" to play it with Macromedia Flash player. If either one won't play, you'll be prompted to install a "Plugin". Follow the directions to install it, and re-start your browser to finish the installation.

How can I watch older video files?

   Follow the above directions and click on the link labelled "Previous (Older). This will let you see older videos 10 at a time.

How can I save the video files?

   If you're  having trouble viewing the videos in one of the streaming formats, or if you have a slow connection you may want to download the videos so that you can watch them later. To do this, right-click on the word "download" for the particular video you want. A box will pop up asking what you want to do. Choose "Save Target As...":

Choose save target as

   This will open a window asking you where you'd like to save the file. In this example (and usually where Windows will start) we'll save it to the desktop:

Save the file to the desktop

   You can tell it will go to the desktop because that's what's in the top box (labelled "Save in:"). You can select a different place for it by clicking on the caret at the far right of the box and choosing another location. Click the "Save" button and the file will be downloaded.

   We hope this help section has made it easier for you to access our files. Please let us know if this was helpful or if we can help you further in any way by using the link below to contact the webmaster.

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