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Monday, July 29th 2019
   New on the Audio Page for today:

Donnie Lawson tells me how his 2019 season has been going and talked about his last trip to Batavia. 
Bob Henry Jr. talked about his ride for last Wednesday in Canandaigua and told me how he's doing.
Zach Payne describes how he is doing in his rookie season driving a crate Sportsman in Canandaigua.

I had a nice weekend and I hope you did too. I laid low like I planned and hopefully we will get better every day this week and be ready for a big weekend. I'll be in the studio today and have some new people that I'll be putting up this week as I met a lot of new folks in my last two shows.

I'm looking for requests too so be sure to send those along and let me know if there is a track you think I should go to. It's gonna be a fun week as I look to catch up with some drivers and I hope you like what we'll be giving you every day this week.

Now let's chat about the three chats I have up today on the Audio Page starting with a teacher who is on summer vacation. Donnie Lawson tells me how his 2019 season has been going and talked about his last trip to Batavia as well as why he was going to take this weekend off to spend time with his kids. Nice! 

Bob Henry Jr. talked about his ride for last Wednesday in Canandaigua and told me how he's doing in the 10J car as well as how happy he is to see drivers doing well running his exhaust systems.

Zach Payne describes how he is doing in his rookie season driving a crate Sportsman in Canandaigua, what he has learned from growing up around the sport as well as what he will doing now that he has graduated high school.

Sunday, July 28th 2019
    New on the Audio Page for today:

Brandon Michaud spoke about moving up to a 358 Modified and some of the struggles he has had. 
Byron Dewitt watched a hot lap session on Thursday night and described what he saw on the track. 
Cody Wolfe told me why he has made a change with his race plans and why he likes Land of Legends.
Chris Hulsizer explained why he was running Modified briefly and why he is now back in Sportsman.

I'm still laying low today and working on getting my back in better shape for the coming weekend. I hope you all had a nice Saturday night and the things went smoothly for you. I'm being a good boy and not doing anything that I shouldn't.

I'll be back in the studio tomorrow and will be looking to chat with some of you so if you wanna get on just shoot me a message at It's gonnna be a fun week for Allie too as she has basketball camp Monday through Thursday and then she'll get to race at Albany Saratoga and Thunder Mountain this weekend. Nice.

Now let's chat more about what is new on the Audio Page for today including four drivers who have made a change this season. Brandon Michaud spoke about moving up to a 358 Modified, some of the struggles he has had as he adapts and how much he is enjoying the new challenge. 

Byron Dewitt watched a hot lap session on Thursday night at Genesee Speedway, described what he saw happening on the track and talked about how happy he is after moving from a Street Stock to a Sportsman. 

Cody Wolfe told me why he has made a change with his race plans, why he likes Land of Legends Raceway and wonders how much racing he will do once the regular season is complete.

Chris Hulsizer explained why he was running Modified briefly, told me what hias goal was for that period ot time and why he is now back behind the wheel of a crate Sportsman.
Saturday, July 27th 2019
    New on the Audio Page for today:

Billy VanPelt talked about a major suspension change they made to the Wally Wade owned Modified.
Will Shields tells me how he has been doing as he runs a Sportsman 2x nightly at Outlaw Speedway.
Nick Guererri spoke about promoting the Cabin Fever 40 and why he thought the car count was high.
Olivia Coniber desribes how she has been doing with her Mini Stock and the car they put together. 

I had a nice day on Friday as we laid low as our street was blocked off for paving. They opened it just in time for us to get my youngest to her gymnastics practice and now we have nice, new pavement on our street or "ashphalt" as they say north of the border. 

I'll be off till Monday as I continue to deal with a nagging back, knee issue. I'm going to be taking it easy and hoping to be better for next weekend's Dirt Modified Nostalgia Tour races as we'll be hitting Albany Saratoga and Thunder Mountain. We're all really looking forward to it and can't wait to go to these wonderful racetracks.

Now let's chat more about what we have for you on the Audio Page starting with a drier who had some figuring out to do on Thursday night. Billy VanPelt talked about a major suspension change they made to the Wally Wade owned Modified, explained why they made the change and why he hesitated before deciding not to change anything before the heat race.

Will Shields tells me how he has been doing as he runs a Sportsman twice nightly at Outlaw Speedway on Fridays, describes how he manages to change set ups for two different tires and how rough it has been at times.

Nick Guererri spoke about promoting the Cabin Fever 40 at Land of Legends Raceway, hy he thought the car count was high for the event as well as a problem they had the week before that he hoped was now fixed.

Olivia Coniber desribes how she has been doing with her Mini Stock at Genesee Speedway, the car they put together for this season and the biggest thing she had to get used to with the new ride. 
Friday, July 26th 2019
   New on the Audio Page from Genesee Speedway:

Kyle Inman talks about using the top to win the Tim Downs Memorial and his win in his heat race.
Ray Bliss Jr. got ready to draw for another's starting spot and talked about his Modified heat win. 
Hear from several of the top finishers in the Modified heat races as as they gathered for the draw. 
Ricky Newton explained why he missed racing last night and how starting on the outside helped. 
Jim Harbison won his Sportsman heat race and told me what he learned about the 2 race grooves.
Dante Mancuso spoke with Rick Vleck and the crowd after winning the 16 lap Mini Stock feature. 
Erick Rudolph spoke about his pass for the lead as well as how he moved around to get the win. 
Alan Johnson finished second in The Gladiator and spoke about how a loose condition hurt him.
Billy VanPelt came home in 4th place in The Gladiator and explained why he almost spun out. 
Ryan Susice led laps 3-25 in the race and explained what happened that caused his car to stop. 
Brad Rouse won a crash filled GRIT Sportsman feature and talked about getting the lead late. 

I hit the road again and headed west to Genesee Speedway in Batavia for a very special night. Many were honored in the Mini Stock and Sportsman races while The Gladiator brought Modifieds back to the track for their only visit of the year.

Erick Rudolph won a very exciting Modified race with a nice move on Alan Johnson with seven laps to go. Ryan Susice led early until he broke an engine and came to a stop in turn four on lap 26. Johnson inherited the lead and kept it until Rudolph got by. It was a fun race to watch.

The first Sportsman race was with the BEI Lightning Series and it was honoring fallen racer Tim Downs. Rain fell 17 laps into the 50 lapper and they made the rest of this one up at the start of the night on Thursday. I only met Tim Downs once and he coached my daughter Allie without any hesitation and without ever meeting either of us before. He was one heck of a nice guy and we truly miss him. It was also nice to see his #50 on the track and you'll meet the driver who bought the car in the next few days.

Kyle Inman won that race after grooming up the outside while running in third. The leaders hit slower traffic, which was running on the bottom, so Inman beat them to the top and won the race. The GRIT Series race had a lot of wrecks and a lot of torn up cars as a series of double file restarts led to back to back to back crashes. Brad Rouse survived those double file restarts and avoided the chaos going from third to first late. 

I was impressed with the Mini Stocks as they put on quite a show. Dante Mancuso came from deep to win his heat and was equally as impressive in the feature race. It's a nice mix of cars and skill levels so there's lots to root for. Some of the crowd reaction for these drivers when they were introduced was louder than any others. My hat's off to you guys and gals. Nice job. Lots' to like here.

And there is lot's to like about this place too as a really good Thursday night crowd was on hand. It was the biggest mid-week crowd I've seen around here in a while and the regulars tell me that they get more on Saturdays. It would seem that Genesee County's racing future is in good hands right now and doing just fine! The passion from these fans is impressive as it seems they all know somebody who races there. Color me blown away again by the fans!

I'm off this weekend to take care of my leg and hopefully get it better. I'm avoiding the doctor at all costs as I just saw a good friend in the hospital for weeks and I would hate that this could be something that puts me there as I would never survive it. I wonder if it's back or nerve related as my knee was fine today but my lower back not so much. I loaded up on pre-race stuff as I limped around and I'll be putting some of that up over the next three days. Have a great weekend all and have a great weekend at the track. Treasure your health and take care of yourself.
Thursday, July 25th 2019
   New on the Audio Page for today from Land of Legends Raceway:

Adam DePuy won the first Street Stock heat race and explained what went wrong last time he raced.
Josh Pangrazio brought a damaged car to the scales after his win and talked about what happened. 
Chris Hulsizer had not been to Canandaigua in many years and told me about his Sportsman heat.
Kane Bristol ran away to win his heat race and talked about how he held it wide open on the track. 
Andrew Smith led every lap to win his heat and told me how fast he has been all year in heat races.
Adam Leslie made the long trip down to race and spoke about his win in his Sportsman qualifier. 
Kevin Ridley got the win in the last Sportsman heat and described what he learned on the restarts. 
Darryl Ruggles described some of the work they did to get a new car ready to win his qualifying heat. 
Brandyn Griffin got dirty in his 305 Sprint heat win and talked about how fast the racing surface was.
Zach Payne explained what went wrong in his heat and how he rebounded to win his consolation race.
Andrew Smith picked up the win in the Dash for Cash and talked about what he noticed on the track.
Hear the top 2 finishers as they draw for starting spots and find out who won the Donath crate engine.

After the features, the A-Main and the B-Feature:

Josh Pangrazio won the Street Stock feature race and told me how he survived a late race restart. 
Johnny Kolesek picked up A Main win number two and remembered going three wide for the top spot.
Kane Bristol dominated the Sportsman field in his win while the rest of the top three spoke as well. 
Jeff Taylor was strong in his B-Feature win and told me some of what he learned in his 20 lap race.

An early after storm made the grounds on the Ontario County Fairgrounds a muddy mess and 40 Sportsman teams kept their cars clean and geared up more than normal for the Cabin Fever 40. Yeah, I just got that too. 40 cars, 40 Of course not all of them made the feature race and it was quite the show. Kane Bristol who ran away early and held on late as he picked up the $1,500 first place prize. Kyle Inman came from 16th to 2nd late making it interesting while low buck Sportsman veteran Nate Peckham won the Donath Motor Worx crate engine. Nice huh?

The race was free on DTD-TV and even though we did have a few technical difficulties early we rebounded strong and gave the audience watching from their computers and phones a very interesting and fun show. As always I had a ball in the pits, in victory lane and on the frontstretch. I hope you all enjoyed it and if you have feedback please let me know...please. And yeah, I look horrible on camera. That I do know!

Congratulations to Josh Pangrazio as he was the dominant car in the Street Stock division beating out point leader Adam DePuy. Adam ran hard but Pangrazio's car was stuck to the track both in the corners and as he blasted down the straights. Yeah, that car was working!

Johnny Kolosek picked up win numer two in the 305 Sprint Car feature race as they were turning in some blistering lap times. And since we had extra time because of the county fair, we were not in a hurry and got to meet the top three in the Sprint and Sportsman races. It was fun!

I'll be hitting the road just after lunch time today as I'll be at Genesee Speedway in Batavia tonight for The Gladiator. It's the only Modified race the track runs all year long so it is truly anybody's race. Look for stuff from that tomorrow and then I need to give my knee a few days off. It is getting better but just not as fast as I'd want. If ya see me limping tell me to sit down as I do stand too much which makes the problem worse. 

I'll be loading up the can today so look for more from my two race nights this week later on. I hope you guys all have a fun Thursday, I hope your shop work goes well and that you're feeling pumped up about a rain free summer weekend. I know I am!

Wednesday, July 24th 2019
   New on the Audio Page for today:

Mike Bowman talked about his win on Saturday at Thunder Mountain and his sixth place on Sunday.
Todd Titus told me about his GRIT Sportsman win at Skyline and his 2nd place at Five Mile Point.
Johnny Scarborough explained why he made the tow to Canandaigua and compared it to another.
Brandyn Griffin described how hot it was this past Saturday and what a driver can do to stay cool. 

It was really nice day on Tuesday and I used it to get caught up on a few things before back to back race nights for me beginning tonight. After that I got busy in the studio recording a few new clips before settling back to watch one of my favorite TV shows called Animal Kingdom. It's as close to Sopranos and Sons of Anarchy as anything else out there including the new SOA reboot that is just way too much like the original in my opinion. Check it out. If you liked those other shows you'll like this too.

I'll be off to Land of Legends Raceway tonight for a 40 lap Sportsman race that is not part of a series. 305's and Street Stocks are also on the card. And then tomorrow Allie and I will head out to Genesee Speedway in Batavia for The Gladiator for Modifieds. I'm looking forward to both of these shows and then some golf on Friday so it should be a fun week.

Welcome home too for Webmaster Andy as he is back at his house after 25 days in the hospital. We wish you all the best and hope you don't go back for a long, long time. 

Now let's take a better look at the four interviews we have for you on the Audio Page starting with a driver who has now won races on back to back weekends. Mike Bowman talked about his win on Saturday at Thunder Mountain, explained how that helped make his next day a little easier and described his sixth place finish in Sunday's Wade Decker Memorial.

Todd Titus told me about his GRIT Sportsman win at Skyline last Thursday, how tight things got just past halfway and remembered his 2nd place Saturday night at Five Mile Point.

Johnny Scarborough explained why he made the tow to Canandaigua with his CRSA Sprinter last Saturday, compared it to another. track he knows very well and remembered the big fire he was in the middle of a few years back. 

Brandyn Griffin described how hot it was this past Saturday and what a driver can do to stay cool on a night like this one and explained how he has the point lead in the 305 Sprint Car class despite the fact that he hasn't won a race yet. 
Tuesday, July 23rd 2019
   New on the Audio Page for today:

Jeff Trombley talked about why he switched from Mods to Sprints and remembered his first racecar. 
Jesse Pruchnik told me about racing on a hot day and why later in the night would not be as bad.
Ronald "Bundy" Metcalf brought out a new racecar and talked about the help he had to get ready.
Tony Veneziano recapped 4 nights of racing at Eldora while previewing this week in Pennsylvania.

Monday we visited Webmaster Andy in the hospital and the good news is that he gets out today. He'll be moving at a slower speed and will have some things to get used to but we are optimistic that he'll be able to get back to the point where he can go places, get around with ease and get back to a normal life. We're praying for you Andrew and we're here for you when you need us.

So since I did not get into the studio I will be today and already set a few things up. I'm planning on Land of Legends Raceway on Wednesday and Genesee Speedway on Thursday as I am actually off this Saturday and have several non-racing things planned with the famly before a night out with my wife on Sunday. It's gonna be fun!

Now let's chat more about what we have on the Audio Page for today starting with a driver who has a lot of laps under his belt over a long and successful career. Jeff Trombley talked about why he switched from Mods to Sprints a few years back, remembered his first homemade racecar and explained why what he is doing now is fun! 

Jesse Pruchnik told me about racing on a hot day as he prepared to suit up on Saturday, why later in the night would not be as bad and explained how big his recent A-Main win did for his confidence.

Ronald "Bundy" Metcalf brought out a new Street Stock and talked about the help he had to get ready as race day got closer, what his goals were for this first night and what he learned about racing since his started last season.

Tony Veneziano recapped 4 nights of racing at Eldora including the King's Royal on Saturday, described how close the championship battle is right now and looked ahead to this week in Pennsylvania beginning tonight at Lernerville.
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