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Friday, June 28th 2019
   New on the Audio Page from a very quick mid-week show at Fulton Speedway:

Dylan Zacharias talked about his win last week at Brewerton, Utica Rome and his 10th place at Fulton.
Dave Marcuccilli remembered his win at Fulton two weeks ago and told me how he has been doing. 
Mike Phelps described his heat win where he started with the lead, lost it and got it back for a win. 
Eric Giguere made a rare Fulton Speeedway apperance and talked about his last corner pass to win.
Zach Sobotka won his Sportsman heat and talked about how he made a pass to win on lap number 5.
Kyle Inman won his 1st feature race at Fulton and remembered some of the ones that got away before. 
The top two finishers from the Modified heat races draw for thier starting spots in front of the crowd. 
Mat Williamson took the lead with 22 laps to go and spoke about winning his 1st ever race at Fulton.
Erick Rudolph led 73 laps before finishing second and looked ahead to Ransomville and Canandaigua.
Danny Johnson came from 10th to 3rd and explained why we saw his car slow many times in the race.
A.J. Miller earned his 1st career Sportsman win and thought back on the journey he took to get there. 

It was a hot night but a fun one at Fulton Speedway as the mid-week summer special's season is now upon us. There was a nice field of cars on hand for this one as the DIRTcar 358 Modified Series headlined a two division show. There were 52 Sportsman and 42 small blocks in the pit area on a night that saw three first time Fulton winners grace victory lane.

Mat Williamson wins a lot of races at other tracks but he passed Erick Rudolph with 22 laps to go to win his first ever race at Fulton. Rudolph was also looking for his first career win at Fulton but would have to settle for second just ahead of Danny Johnson. The top finishing Fulton regular was Dave Marcuccilli. Larry Wight has been the man to beat at Fulton all year long and started on the pole but fell back after leading the first four laps, pitted late and finished just inside the top 15.

In the first Sportsman feature Kyle Inman added Fulton Speedway to the list of tracks he has won at and told everyone that he will be getting his 358 Modified out real soon and that this night was an exploratory night. Cool huh? Best of luck Kyle.

A.J. Miller had never won a Sportsman feature until last night as he went from third to first late to earn a trip to victory lane. He has really come a long way and was quick to thank Dale Planck and his son for all of their help. Hard to believe huh? Three first time winners on one night. That does not happen very often.

The track was table top smooth except for a little ripple in turn three. They ran the show off as if rain was coming so I was not able to get much done in the pits once the show started because they had their foor to the floor the whole night. Way to go guys and gals! That's how you do a tight mid-week show. Two divisions, no messing around and done at 10:10 p.m. Wow!

The only negative was a thinner than usual crowd. Not sure why though. I know this show costs more than a regular show but Fulton is off this Saturday. I'll talk more about that later as I will d a little research. 

I'm golfing today and Allie and I are heading to Airborne on Saturday to race. I have a good amount of stuff in the can and I will begin mid-season evaluations in the next interviews you hear for a few weeks. Hope you all have a great Friday and I'll see you at Airborne on Saturday. 
Thursday, June 27th 2019
   New on the Audio Page for today:

Jordan Thomas talked about his second place at Big Diamond on Friday and how wild it was at times.
Sam Reakes IV got ready for his fourth race of the season and described what would happen later on.
Jeff Lawrence told me how getting someone else in his car helped and how he helped a fellow racer.

Wow, what a day again on Wednesday. It was hot and humid and storms popped up although not in the north country which was good. I got tied up with things with the girls on their first day of summer vacation and had a great time.

I'll be at Fulton Speedway tonight for a 358 Series race and can't wait to see a lot of folks I have not seen much this year. I have not seen a race at Fulton yet this year so it will be fun to go back to where it all started for me back in 1990. 

Now let's chat more about what's new on the Audio Page starting with a pair of Sprint Car drivers. Jordan Thomas talked about his second place at Big Diamond on Friday, how he came from 11th to the runner up spot and described the ride he had for this event.

Sam Reakes IV got ready for his fourth race of the season and described what he thought would happen later on on a hot summer day and why starting last with the Patriot Sprnt Tour is not the end of the world.

Jeff Lawrence told me how getting someone else in his car helped him feel better about the car, shared some advice he got from the driver who raced his car and how he helped a fellow racer get to the track after a family emergency.
Wednesday, June 26th 2019
   New on the Audio Page for today:

Billy Pauch Jr. talks about his win at Big Diamond, his 4th at New Egypt and a busy streak coming up.
Erick Rudolph told me about his 358 win at Ransomville and how it's been going in Canandaigua.
Billy Dunn remembers his win at Can Am and told me about some changes they made after the heat. 
Davie Frank explained how the first four wins of the season came at tracks he has not won at before. 

Wow, what a day it was on Tuesday. The early rain gave way to sunshine and it got really hot after that. I did some work in the studio and plan to do so again today. Then I hit some golf balls at a driving range to get ready for another golf day on Friday.

We've got som ereally good stuff up today and we're hoping that today is a carbon copy as there are some storms that could roll through after lunch time but they should be done in time for Can Am's 358 series race tonight. I'll be taking Allie to a friend's house to do some more I-Racing and I'll be at Fulton tomorrow for sure.

Now let's chat more about what's on the Audio Page for today with four drivers who all won races this past weekend. Billy Pauch Jr. talks about his win at Big Diamond on Friday night, his 4th place at New Egypt on Saturday and looks ahead to a busy streak coming up now that the kids are out of school.

Erick Rudolph told me about his 358 Modified win at Ransomville on Friday how well things have been going of late and his hopes for a pair of small block series races beginning tonight at Can Am Speedway.

Billy Dunn remembers his win at Can Am and told me about some changes they made after the heat race as well as what the chassis manufacturers advice you to do when there are bumps on the track. 

Davie Frank explained how the first four wins of the season came at tracks he has not won at before, what he was doing to make it five at Land of Legends and his second place at Big Diamond on Friday night.
Tuesday, June 25th 2019
   New on the Audio Page for today:

Cale Ross
tells me how he won his first ever Modified race at New Egypt and their big race tonight. 
Jack Lehner talks about his 12th pace at Albany Saratoga on Friday and The Big Show XI tonight. 
Dwight Nicholas explained how a radiator problem that did not seem that big sidelined his racecar.
Paul Cole previewed the Monster Truck, Quad Wars, Demo Derby show Wednesday in Canandaigua.
Tony Veneziano reports on the WoO Sprint Cars as they raced just once at Beaver Dam Raceway.

It was a nice day as we wind down the last few days of school for the kids. My youngest has two more days left while Allie has been done since Friday. Let the mid week shows begin and begin they do tonight with shows at both Albany Saratoga and New Egypt. And the small block Super DIRTcar Series also races Wednesday at Can Am and Thursday at Fulton.

I'll be back in the studio as four of the interviews up for today came from Monday night in the studio. I have messages out to a few people and already have some set up for today so be sure to come back tomorrow.

Now let's chat more about what's new on the Audio Page for today starting with a winner from the weekend who is hoping for career win number two tonight. Cale Ross tells me how he won his first ever Modified feature race Saturday night at New Egypt, described a problem they had that has sidelined that winning motor and their hopes for the Garden State Gun Fight race at New Egypt tonight. 

Jack Lehner talks about his 12th pace at Albany Saratoga on Friday night, described an issue they have been working on with their big block ride and described his hopes for The Big Show XI tonight in Malta.  

Dwight Nicholas explained how a radiator problem that did not seem that big sidelined his racecar, explained what they had to do to fix it and how a practice session at Paradise Speedway helped. 

Paul Cole previewed the Monster Truck, Quad Wars, Demo Derby show this Wednesday in Canandaigua, looked ahead to a big 50 lapper with double points for this Saturday and the Super DIRTcar Series race on July 4th.

Tony Veneziano reports on the WoO Sprint Cars as they raced just once at Beaver Dam Raceway, how much money it costs promoters to bring them to the track and how that can affect whether the show rains out or not.
Monday, June 24th 2019
   New on the Audio Page fpr today:

Gary Tomkins talked about the big block Mod he drove at Canandaigua and how he is doing up north.
Phil Vingeri III explained why he had to miss a race night and previewed The Gladiator on July 25th. 
Steve Glover remembered two crashes he was involved in this season and how felt after each of them.
Hear some of the Patriot Sprint Tour racecars as they put heat in the engines in this Motor Sounds clip.

It was yet another beautiful day on Sunday as finally the Sunday tracks in our area had a nice day to work with. I hit a golf course with a friend as I got in just my third round of the year. I need to hit a range and will do so Tuesday as there are alot of aspects I need to work on. Aspects like driving, mid irons, chipping and putting. Oh wait, that's about all of them isn't it? Yeah, I am so bad right now.

I'll be working today as I have a list of people to call and of course I am always looking for requests so be sure to send them in to me. I am still planning on at least one 358 Series race this week and of course we'll be up at Airborne this Saturday in what will be my first visit to the track. I can't wait.

Now let's chat more about what we have on the Audio Page for today starting with a racer who returned to the track he knows well. Gary Tomkins talked about the big block Modified he drove at Canandaigua this past Saturday, described an issue he had Friday night at Can Am and how tough it would be to come from the back against the Land of Legends regulars.

Phil Vingeri III explained why he had to miss a race night at Land of Legends Raceway, what he was going to do on Saturday night to protect his eyes and previewed rescheduled Gladiator race on July 25th at Genesee Speedway. 

Steve Glover remembered two crashes he was involved in this season, how felt after each of them and how much he was hoping for a drama free night on Saturday.

Hear some of the Patriot Sprint Tour racecars as they put heat in their engines in this Motor Sounds clip from Saturday night. I don't know about you but I love the way these things sound when they idle.
Sunday, June 23rd 2019
   New on the Audio Page from Land of Legends Raceway in the order they were recorded in:

Bob Buono won the first heat race of the night and talked about a big change with his Street Stock. 
MIke Welch found his way to the lead when the leader slowed and talked about what he was seeing. 
Jeff Trombley finished first in his Patriot Sprint Tour heat and told me how he went wide in turn two. 
Jordan Thomas led every lap on his way to a heat win and talked about some changes after warmups. 
Jared Zimbardi described how good his car was out front and what he felt the car must do later on. 
Erick Rudolph made it two for two on the weekend and talked about how he took the lead on lap 27.
Tim Baker crossed in the lead at the checkered to win his first heat race and talked about running low. 
Kevin Ridley was strong in his Sportsman heat win and explained why they had to build a new car. 
Anthony Kimble smiled after his heat win and desribed some of what has gone wrong so far in 2019. 
A.J. Lloyd described how good his Sportsman felt in his heat win and why he was not surprised late.
Jason Barney talked about his win in the Patriot Sprint Tour Dash and why he was looking around. 
Phil Vigneri III was much better after the makeup feature and told me what they got fooled a little bit.
Gil Tegg Jr. got the win in the last Modified qualifier and talked about running a 358 against big blocks.
Davie Franek led every lap to win the Patriot Sprint Tour A-Main and talked about win number five.
Adam DePuy is undefeated winning his 6th race of the season and spoke about the need to stay low. 
Matt Sheppard explained what happened as when he took the lead and what he saw with the leader.
Kevin Ridley rode a new car to victory land and talked about how much this win meant to his team.

After a rough day on Friday I felt much better Saturday and went to Land of Legends Raceway to do my usual thing and have fun in the pit area and victory lane talking with racecar drivers. How cool is that right? 

It was a beautiful day in the Fingerlakes and everywhere in New York State for that matter and we had fun getting in a bonus make-up Modified feature while the Patriot Sprint Tour joined us. Erick Rudolph and Matt Sheppard each won Modified feature races. Davie Franek won his fifth of the year in the PST A-Main and that means all five of his wins this year are at tracks he had never won at before. That's interesting isn't it?

Sportsman ace Kevin Ridley won in a new car that they put a ton of work into this past week while Adam DePuy remains unbeaten in his Street Stock making it 6 for 6 on the season. The racing was good on a hot summer night and there was a pretty good crowd on hand as well. 

I was able to get a lot of pre-race chats in before things got started and those will be up starting tomorrow. I have plans to do both 358 races this coming week as Can Am goes on Wednesday and Fulton on Thursday. We'll be making our first trip to Airborne Speedway this weekend with the Dirt Modified Nostalgia Tour and we'll go from there.

I hope those of you who are racing today have a great day and don't forget that The Cole Cup will headline the show at Utica Rome Speedway later this afternoon. Be sure and check that out as Utica Rome gets their first sunny Sunday to work with in quite some time. I hope you all have fun and we hope to see you back here again tomorrow. 
Saturday, June 22nd 2019
    I had a rough day on Friday as a kidney stone sidelined me for the second half of the day. I've been getting them here and there since back in 2016 and I chart them to see how often they happen. It was only the second one this year, which is good, and as they go, this one was not as bad as some but it stuck around for a good 10 hours or so. As I sit here at just past ten o'clock it is letting up and I'll know for sure when I hit the bathroom later. Anyone who has had them knows the telltale signs and earlier I could tell that it was not done messing with me yet.

I'm sure I'll be fine for today and as I pound water I know that the worse is over and I'll be fine. Once you're done with it, it's like it never happened. So I'll see ou guys today at Canandaigua and I am now also planning on doing both of the 358 series races next week.

I hope you all have a great Saturday and don't worry about me. I've been here before, will be here again and unless the severity and frequency of these changes, I'll be fine. Just something I've got to deal with. We all have something don't we? 
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