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Sitewide RSS Feed - Updated when anything new is posted to the site (audio, photos, videos, news, etc.)
Audio RSS Feed (Podcast) - Especially useful for synchronizing your MP3 player with the latest recordings.
Photo RSS Feed - Last 20 new/updated photo albums
Video RSS Feed - Last 20 posted videos

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds are designed for providing quick access and update notifications to regularly updated sources of content. They are also called "live bookmarks" because unlike regular bookmarks, podcasts can be subscribed to and downloaded automatically whenever new content is added.

- The universal symbol for RSS feed support

RSS feeds are supported in Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3+, Safari, many personalized homepages (e.g. My Yahoo, iGoogle) and desktop news-reader programs, and portable devices like MP3 players and high-end browserphones.

A subset of RSS feeds are audio-only feeds widely referred to as podcasts. Podcasts are supported by most portable MP3 players. The PC software that is bundled with your MP3 player (e.g. iTunes) can keep your MP3 player synchronized with the latest recordings automatically by pointing it to the podcast feeds. For iTunes users specifically, this link will get you started:

There is a small chance your cellphone may be able to receive RSS feeds. If not, some online services offer free mobile alerts, text messages or emails when an RSS feed is updated. However, many of these services (at the time of this writing) may not send the alert for several hours after an update is posted. We regenerate the RSS feeds immediately when something changes, but we can't control how often service providers check us for updates. So shop around...

Starting with the 2009 racing season, we will include any track closings or postponements that we know of in the sitewide RSS feed. We are working on a mobile-friendly site that ought to work on any cellphone with a numeric keypad, screen, and internet access. That way we can keep you informed on the road or anywhere away from a PC!

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