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60Best of 20098Racing.Wild
1Tim Abate1Jeff Abold
1Dan Abt13Steve Abt
1Rick Achzet1Eric Acquaro
12Don Adamczyk1Chris Adams
12Mike Adderly2Jeff Ahlum
8Dana Aikins2Chuck Akulis
1Skip Albanese12Kevin Albert
51Joe Alexander1Warren Alexson
32Brad Alger3Chuck Allen
19Dave Allen11Megan Allen
1Mike Allen1Rick Allen
1Sam Allen4Walt Allen
2Billy Alley4Mark Alnutt
1Marcos Ambrose2Ally Amell
5Tom Ames5Jason Amidon
1Jeff Amidon1Fred Amman
2Rick Amo3Zach Amo
3Bill Anderson Jr.1Barb Anderson
2Becca Anderson1Jeremy Anderson
5Pete Anderson1T.J. Anderson
3Jarett Andretti1John Andretti
1Chris Andrew1Christine Andrew
3Doug Andrews8J.J. Andrews
134Shane Andrews58Leon Andrus
1Barry Angstadt1Jeff Anstett
1Brandon Aradine7Ryan Arbuthnot
1Peter Argetsinger1Brad Arnold
1Mike Arquiett3Greg Atkins
1Lem Atkins8Zach Aubertine
4Roch Aubin14Joe August Jr
1Darren Austin1Don Austin
4Mike Austin1Ryan Austin
21Dave Axton8Tim Axton
2Brent Ayers1Chad Ayers
1Chris Ayers1Dennis Ayers
1Matt Babbitt2Shannon Babb
1Zack Babcock9Steve Babicek
1Enrique Baca44Andy Bachetti
5Aron Backus3Kearra Backus
1Jordan Bacon1Lou Badour
1Morgan Bagley1Bill Bailey
1A.J. Baker3Codie Baker
1Kevin Baker1Steve Baker
2Tim Baker2Beau Ballard
4Gene Balmer3Gary Balough
2Mike Balzano2Bob Banks Jr.
1Dave Baranowksi1Dave Baranowski Jr.
1Tim Barbeau2Steve Barber
1Ted Barcomb57Justin Barger

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Fast Talk
When you are fitted in a racing car and you race to win, second or third place is not enough.

  -  Ayrton Senna
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