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JJ Courcy talks about his IMCA plans for 2019 Feb 14
(Audio) Posted Feb 15 2019

(17:58) J.J. Courcy talks about his IMCA ride for Outlaw Speedway, what he will do to help his wife race on Saturday and his happy life away from racing.     
Max Hill talks about his season in a Late Model Dec 9
(Audio) Posted Dec 12 2018

(11:37) Max Hill evaluates how he did in his second season in a Late Model, how much he enjoyed traveling to some different racetracks and what they are doing right now to get ready for 2019.    
Donnie Elliott talks about his 2018 season in a Modifed Dec 9
(Audio) Posted Dec 10 2018

(32:21) Donnie Elliott talked about his season at Five Mile Point, some of the extra costs associated with racing and recalled some of his other shows at different racetracks.     
Ronnie Davis III talks about his big block ride for Brewerton N...
(Audio) Posted Nov 27 2018

(7:59) Ronnie Davis III tells me about his big block ride for Brewerton, what his expectations are for his new deal and what else he plans on for 2019 with the family owned small blocks.      
Claude Hutchings Jr talks about changes for 2019 Nov 19
(Audio) Posted Nov 21 2018

(5:02) Claude Hutchings Jr. explained why he is going to be running 358 and big block Modifieds in 2019, how much he is looking forward to getting back to Utica Rome and maybe Brewerton.    
Stephen Denton talks about his winning season on dirt and aspha...
(Audio) Posted Nov 15 2018

(18:14) Stephen Denton talks about his season that saw him win on dirt and in asphalt endurance races, runs down some work he has to do this off season and explains a problem he had with valve springs.    
AJ Kingsley talks about his move to Sportsman in 2019 Nov 11
(Audio) Posted Nov 14 2018

(14:45) A.J. Kingsley talks about his move to a Sportsman for 2019, explains why he had to make a change from Late Model racing and wonders is this move will eventually lead to 358 Modified racing.    
Ronnie Davis III talks about his rookie season in a 358 Nov 10
(Audio) Posted Nov 11 2018

(11:26) Ronnie Davis III remembered his early days in racing, his two win rookie season in a 358 Modified and described some unofficial racing that was taking place in Weedsport on Sunday.   
Tim Murphy talks about his season and next weekend Nov 9
(Audio) Posted Nov 10 2018

(9:42) Tim Murphy talked about how he got started in racing, what he plans on doing next season and what he will be selling at next weekend’s Northeast Racer’s Auction & Trade Show in Syracuse.     
Tommy Sears talks about his early days at the racetrack Nov 4
(Audio) Posted Nov 09 2018

(27:23) Tommy Sears remembers his early days in racing and the sacrifices they all made along the way in the latest Racer’s Climb interview and talks about when things turned around for him.     
Gary Tomkins reviews his 2018 racing season Oct 29
(Audio) Posted Oct 31 2018

(30:18) Gary Tomkins reviews his 2018 race season in a big block Modified and talks about the stacked weekly field in Brewerton while tackling the six questions.     
Andrew Ferguson reviews his 2018 race season Oct 27
(Audio) Posted Oct 28 2018

(29:02) Andrew Ferguson reviews his year in a Modified and talks about some upgrades for 2019 while tackling the six questions in this season in review interview.   
Tim Sears Jr. reviews his six win season Oct 22
(Audio) Posted Oct 24 2018

(21:54) Tim Sears Jr. kicks off our Season in Review chats by telling me how he did at Fulton and Brewerton Speedways, why he decided to follow the 358 series and tackles a new set of 6 questions.     
Cory Reed talks about Brewerton and Fulton Oct 17
(Audio) Posted Oct 19 2018

(15:38) Cory Reed told me why things will be staying pretty much the same at Brewerton and Fulton Speedways, how well the 358’s did at Brewerton and the tough choice Sportsman teams have to make.     
SDW Larry Wight on a rainout day Oct 4
(Audio) Posted Oct 05 2018

(3:46) Larry Wight talked about he agreed with the decision not to race, explained why extra laps at Oswego are not as important as they were at Syracuse and looked ahead to Brewerton.    
Ful Alan Johnson Mod pre race sep 29
(Audio) Posted Oct 03 2018

(6:43) Alan Johnson spoke about his hopes for last Saturday at the Outlaw 200 and offered his take on the SDW racetracks while telling me what his plans are for this week.    
Ful Max McLaughlin Mod pre race Sep 29
(Audio) Posted Oct 03 2018

(4:30) Max McLaughlin told me about his win in a Friday qualifier at Fulton, his hopes for the 200 lapper and offered his thoughts on the night time racetracks that are featured this week.     
Kyle DeMetro talks about teaming up for some 358 shows Sep 25
(Audio) Posted Sep 28 2018

(14:39) Kyle DeMetro tells me how he teamed up with Andrew Ferguson to form a new 358 Modified team, described the work they had to do to get the car ready for this weekend and what they’ll do after that.     
Danny Creeden talks about his win at Thunder Mountain Sep 24
(Audio) Posted Sep 26 2018

(12:43) Danny Creeden told me about his win at Thunder Mountain on Sunday, described a little bit of how things have gone for him this year and offered his thoughts on Five Mile Point and Andrew Harpell.   
Brew Shane Andrews and I talk about our history Sep 14
(Audio) Posted Sep 19 2018

(10:44) Shane Andrews explains why he has stepped back a little from announcing recently, the search for balance between racing and life while both of us share some memories. Nice honest talk here with two guys who have been around the block a few times in racing.   
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After what we thought was a fairly straightforward race, we found ourselves in all sort of problems with the scruntineers.

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