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Kelly Hebing at NE Racing Products show Nov 17
(Audio) Posted Nov 22 2017

(4:14) Kelly Hebing explained how she made it into the ESS points, who helped her at the last race at Can Am and how much she is enjoying racing against her idols.    
Ful Tyler Meeks Mod pre race Sep 30
(Audio) Posted Oct 02 2017

(3:34) Tyler Meeks explained what he was doing a week after getting married, what his move to a 358 Modified was like and gave some advice to racers who are thinking of moving as he did.    
Jim Olin talks about Can Am and Evans Mills Sep 25
(Audio) Posted Sep 27 2017

(20:54) Jim Olin told me about his season at Can Am and Evans Mills as well as the DIRT Hall of Fame while reminding us about Fingerlakes Speedworld next March 3rd and 4th in Auburn.    
Taylor Caprara talks about Can Ams Saturday practice Sep 21
(Audio) Posted Sep 22 2017

(9:53) Taylor Caprara reminds racers about Can Am’s Saturday practice taking place from 2 p.m. till dusk and the work he is doing to get ready for some late season 358 Modified events.    
Rocky Warner talks about his two win weekend Sep 12
(Audio) Posted Sep 14 2017

(14:35) Rocky Warner tellsme about his two win weekend, howhe felt about having his motor claimed then determined to be legal and wonders if he may be done with Sportsman racing after this year. 
Steve Poirier talks about his win at Can Am Sep 11
(Audio) Posted Sep 12 2017

(12:57) Steve Poirier talked about his ESS A-Main win at Can Am, his hopes for this weekend at Osweken’s Canadian Sprint Car Nationals while remembering his runner up finishes in 2015 and 2016.    
Taylor Caprara talks about his Can Am championship Sep 6
(Audio) Posted Sep 07 2017

(7:12) Taylor Caprara explained how he won the Can Am Sportsman Championship, why he had to borrow a ride for the final point race while wondering why he blew up a brand new crate engine after 5 laps.    
WS Brandon Kidd 360 pre race Sep 4
(Audio) Posted Sep 07 2017

(3:10) Brandon Kidd recapped his ESS race at Brewerton & Fulton, why he got on two wheels at one race while thinking back to his limited amount of laps in Weedsport plus this weekend at Can Am.    
UR Mike White ProSt pre race Aug 20
(Audio) Posted Aug 26 2017

(3:53) Mike White told me how he is doing with his stock car at Can Am, the big field on-hand at Utica Rome and remembered a recent feature win as well as one where he had two flats.    
Micheal Vaters talks about Monster Trucks at Can Am Aug 16
(Audio) Posted Aug 18 2017

(6:41) Michael Vaters previews the Monster Truck Show this Saturday night at Can Am Motorsports Park and reminds fans to come to Fx Caprara Honda today from 12-6 p.m. to see the trucks up close.    
WS Taylor Caprara Sp pre race Aug 13
(Audio) Posted Aug 16 2017

(3:25) Taylor Caprara explained why he was driving the 66w at Weedsport after a tough night on Saturday, how he found a ride for Sunday and what the plan is to get the 21 car back on track.    
WS Jessica Power Sp pre race Aug 13
(Audio) Posted Aug 15 2017

(2:56) Jessica Power explained how she ended up at Can Am on Saturday and how she almost picked up a win as well as how she almost pounded the wall while up front before finishing fifth.    
Billy Dunn recaps his two win weekend Jul 25
(Audio) Posted Jul 26 2017

(15:10) Billy Dunn talks about his first win of the season at Mohawk International, how me made a late pass to win his fifth at Can Am as well as differences between racing small blocks and big blocks.    
WS Mike Prentice Sp pre race Jul 3
(Audio) Posted Jul 10 2017

(3:51) Mike Prentice thought he had a nagging problem solved and wondered why his car still pushes as he prepared for a race night against 64 other Sportsman drivers.   
WS Taylor Caprara Sp pre race Jul 3
(Audio) Posted Jul 10 2017

(5:49) Taylor Caprara explains how he lost a race on a late restart because of the low gear he was running as well as why he chose that particular strategy. Wanna a great deal on a new bike? See Taylor!    
WS Andrew Wren Sp pre race Jul 3
(Audio) Posted Jul 07 2017

(4:36) Andrew Wren told me how he is doing as he is in his second full season in a Sportsman at Can Am and what he needs to do to get his first top five finish.   
CNM Shane Pecore Sp pre race Jun 28
(Audio) Posted Jul 05 2017

(3:20) Shane Pecore raced at Can Am last Wednesday night and talked about his one win season so far as well as the need to get some dry days to race more.    
CNM Paulie Colagiovanni ESS pre race Jun 28
(Audio) Posted Jul 02 2017

(1:51) Paulie Colagiovanni described the slick track on Wednesday and why the bottom was the fast lane as well as the need to some luck & consistency this season.    
CNM Emily VanInwegen ESS pre race Jun 28
(Audio) Posted Jul 02 2017

(4:04) Emily VanInwegen prepared for his 2nd 360 Sprint Car race Wednesday at Can Am and told me what the biggest differences  are from her 305 and talked about her early days racing as a youngster.    
CNM Mark Smith ESS pre race Jun 28
(Audio) Posted Jul 02 2017

(5:10) Mark Smith spoke about his wingless win in Weedsport a week ago, his plans to compete in the entire speedway schedule and what he does with his business, Mach 1 Chassis.    
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