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Addison Bowman reviews his 2019 season in a Sportsman Dec 16
(Audio) Posted Dec 19 2019

(26:31) Addison Bowman remembered his second season in a Sportsman and talked about his up and down ride at Super DIRT Week as well as how he started in a Quarter Midget at age five.  
Jordan McCreadie talks about his 358 ride for 2020 Nov 17
(Audio) Posted Nov 19 2019

(13:22) Jordan McCreadie spoke about his new 358 Modified ride for 2020, how the deal came together and where they will be racing in the coming year.  
Josh Verne Jr talked about his championship at Evans Mills Nov 4
(Audio) Posted Nov 07 2019

(9:56) Josh Verne Jr. talked about his championship at Evans Mills on the asphalt, how much he liked racing on the dirt at Can Am at the end of the season and wonders if he’ll be able to move up for 2020.  
Michael Parent reviews his season in a 358 Modified Nov 4
(Audio) Posted Nov 06 2019

(21:50) Michael Parent reviewed his 2020 season in a 358 Modified as he raced at both Granby and Le RPM, explains why he switched classes a few years ago and remembered the two times he was hurt in a racecar. 
Tyler Bushey talks about his first ever Pro Stock win Oct 20
(Audio) Posted Oct 21 2019

(14:52) Tyler Bushey talked about winning DIRTcar Pro Stock series race in Brockville in just his ninth start in the division, explained how some data from his Street Stock helped and recapped his racing background.  

Sid Harmer Jr. talks about his 2nd place in Oswego Oct 17
(Audio) Posted Oct 18 2019

(17:55) Sid Harmer Jr. talked about his second place in the Pro Stock race at this year’s Super DIRT Week, explains how making some changes before Sunday’s race helped and wonders if he may move up for 2020.  
Brew Dustin Hutton Sp pre race Oct 10
(Audio) Posted Oct 12 2019

(5:55) Dustin Hutton summed up how he did this past year and Can Am, remembered the long day he had to finish out the season there and why his car likes the track so much.    
Brew Ryan Bartlett 358 pre race Oct 10
(Audio) Posted Oct 11 2019

(7:44) Ryan Bartlett told me how his night time shows have gone this week with his 358 Modified, why he had to switch to his brother’s car and described a big change coming to Can Am for 2019.    
FS Remington Hamm Sp pre race Oct 5
(Audio) Posted Oct 09 2019

(2:18) Remington Hamm talked about starting on the pole on Saturday at Fulton, how he did during the regular season at Can Am and what he has learned these past three seasons in a Sportsman.  
Brew AJ Miller Sp pre race Sep 13
(Audio) Posted Sep 18 2019

(5:57)   A.J. Miller speaks about his future move to a 358 Modified and told me how he did at Can Am the weekend before with that small block as well as what he will be doing for the rest of the season.  
CNM Jackson Gill Sp pre race Sep 6
(Audio) Posted Sep 13 2019

(3:47) Jackson Gill told me about his Fulton Speedway championship and how close it got at the end with a 19th place finish and why trying to drive cautiously can be very hard to do.  
CNM Pat Ward Mod pre race Sep 7
(Audio) Posted Sep 13 2019

(2:27) Pat Ward spoke about his hopes for Can Am after the storm last Saturday and look ahead to Brewerton today as well as a busy stretch with the Outlaw 200 & Super DIRT Week.  
CNM Billy VanInwegen ESS pre race Sep 6
(Audio) Posted Sep 13 2019

(5:18) Billy VanInwegen talked about some motor swapping and how he makes it through a long season that consists of more races than one engine can do and what he does to them for the off-season.  
CNM Jeff Sykes Mod pre race Sep 7
(Audio) Posted Sep 12 2019

(4:02)   Jeff Sykes summed up how his season has gone at Can Am and what he would do after the rain slowed down the day as well as what you have to do when you are starting third on a bottom groove track.  
CNM Mark Yorker and Mike Fowler Sp pre race Sep 6
(Audio) Posted Sep 11 2019

(8:03) Mark Yorker and Mike Fowler fact check each other and talk about the realities of Sportsman racing including what happened to the car counts late as well as what happens when funds get low. Nice realistic talk here.   
CNM Chris Raabe Mod pre race Sep 7
(Audio) Posted Sep 10 2019

(3:43) Chris Raabe talked about his season in a 358 Modified as he won another track championship, remembered some of his past at Can Am and how little he has left on his 2019 race schedule.  
Mike White talks about his Pro Stock win at Can Am Sep 9
(Audio) Posted Sep 10 2019

(15:56)   Mike White told me how he turned around his worst season ever to win Saturday at Can Am, how much fun he had coming from 30th to 12th at Albany Saratoga the night before and looks ahead to Mohawk International this Friday.  
CNM Kyle Inman changes his engine Sep 7
(Audio) Posted Sep 09 2019

(10:02)   Kyle Inman walks us through the last minutes of his engine change after a Sportsman feature win at Can Am, thanks everyone for their hard work and then let’s us hear the engine as they fire it. 
CNM Michael Parent Mod pre race Sep 7
(Audio) Posted Sep 09 2019

(3:46) Michael Parent tells me about his season running 358 Modifieds in Quebec, Canada, his hopes for Saturday night at Can Am after some rain altered the track conditions and his late season race plans. 
CNM Jeremie Corcoran talks about the big show in November Sep 6
(Audio) Posted Sep 09 2019

(7:31) Jeremie Corcoran previews the Northeast racing Products Trade Show on November 22nd and 23rd, tells drivers how they can get free admission and describes an injury he is working through right now. Get better soon man!  
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