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Rebecca Eisele Can Am Speedway 5-24-19
(Photo Album) Posted May 25 2019

LOLR Billy Dunn Mod pre race May 18
(Audio) Posted May 20 2019

(6:10) Billy Dunn tells me about his small block Modified win on Friday night at Can Am as he prepared to race Saturday night at Land of Legends Raceway and reminds me about his 2019 race season plans.
Tyler Corcoran talks about his Sportsman win at Fulton May 16
(Audio) Posted May 17 2019

(11:08) Tyler Corcoran talked about his Sportsman win at Fulton Speedway last Saturday, how his first two races went before that and wonders if he'll race a big block Modified later this weekend. 
Jack Meeks talks about his Sportsman win at Fulton May 9
(Audio) Posted May 10 2019

(8:16) Jack Meeks started his season off with his first ever win at Fulton and told me about the car they worked on since last summer as well as his happy birthday on Thursday.    
LOLR Billy Dunn Mod pre race May 4
(Audio) Posted May 07 2019

(2:11) Billy Dunn tells me about the big block he had at Canandaigua, his hopes for Utica Rome and the need to shake down the 358 Modified which has yet to hit the track.    
LOLR Justin Haers Mod pre race May 4
(Audio) Posted May 06 2019

(4:02) Justin Haers spoke about the two Modifieds in his trailer for the season opener in Canandaigua and told me how he decided which one to use while thinking back on his first race up at Can Am.    
Kyle DeMetro talks about his 358 Modified plans Apr 28
(Audio) Posted May 01 2019

(16:44) Kyle DeMetro will be racing a 358 Modified this year and told me about his plans for this weekend while thinking back to the last time he ran small blocks back in 2015.    
Jimmy Phelps previews the Weedsport practice Sunday May 29
(Audio) Posted May 02 2019

(14:50) Jimmy Phelps talks about his only race so far in 2019 and previews Weedsport Speedway’s practice this Sunday while looking ahead to their first race of the season on May 19th featuring the World of Outlaws.    
Andrew Ferguson talks about his 2019 race plans Apr 28
(Audio) Posted Apr 30 2019

(13:33) Andrew Ferguson recapped his first race of the season that he used as a shake-down run, how good he looks with his engine program right now and talked about his hopes for Brewerton. Yes, tonight’s practice did get rained out right after we recorded this!    
Tim Sears Jr. talks about his two Mods and his plans Apr 27
(Audio) Posted Apr 29 2019

(12:19) Tim Sears Jr. ran down how his first race went, describes some troubles they had with their big block at Can Am and looks forward to hopefully racing twice this weekend.    
Lance Willix talks about his Saturday and his plans for Sunday ...
(Audio) Posted Apr 28 2019

(7:34) Lance Willix tells me how his Saturday was going at Airborne, described some changes he made for the feature and his hopes for Utica Rome’s season opener today.    
LOLR Dave Marcuccilli Mod during practice Apr 17
(Audio) Posted Apr 18 2019

(3:37) Dave Marcuccilli recapped his 11th place this past Saturday in the Super DIRTcar Series race at Can Am, explained how happy he was to race back up from the ack to that spot and what they were trying to learn on Wednesday night.    
Ryan Godown talks about his win at New Egypt Apr 11
(Audio) Posted Apr 12 2019

(20:02) Ryan Godown recaps his family’s winning day at New Egypt as both he and his son visited victory lane and offers his take on many engine combinations that Modifieds can run nowadays.    
Ryan Arbuthnot talks about racing Saturday at Can Am Apr 10
(Audio) Posted Apr 11 2019

(6:05) Ryan Arbuthnot talked about his plans to race his big block at Can Am in their Super DIRTcar Series race on Saturday, described some last minute things he had to finish up and his 2019 race schedule.     
Tyler Bartlett previews this Saturday at Can Am Apr 8
(Audio) Posted Apr 10 2019

(8:37) Tyler Bartlett previewed this Saturday’s big block Super DIRTcar Series race at Can Am Speedway, described some work they did over the weekend on both the big half mile and the kart track. That’s a 5 p.m. start time racers!    
Dean Reynolds previews the SDS race at Can Am Apr 8
(Audio) Posted Apr 10 2019

(19:25) Dean Reynolds went over the latest competitor notes for this Saturday’s big SDS race at Can Am, explained why it means to be a Platinum Driver and described the benefits of the DIRTcar license.     
Demetrios Drellos talks about Volusia and Georgetown Mar 23
(Audio) Posted Mar 24 2019

(13:07) Demetrios Drellos remembered his races last weekend at Georgetown that included a top ten on Sunday, his four races earlier in the year at Volusia in February and looks ahead to Can Am in three weeks.    
Syr Ryan Bartlett TQ Midget pre race Mar 8
(Audio) Posted Mar 15 2019

(3:28) Ryan Bartlett described how Friday was going for him as he raced his TQ Midget indoors at the NYS Fairgrounds in Syracuse and told me how things looked back at his race shop while looking ahead to the Can Am opener.    
Syr Taylor Caprara Champ Kart pre race Mar 8
(Audio) Posted Mar 13 2019

(3:29) Taylor Caprara was racing a Champ Kart indoors this past weekend in Syracuse and told me how things were going as well as how his Sportsman cars are coming along.    
Syr Tyler Bartlett talks about 2019 at Can Am Speedway Mar 9
(Audio) Posted Mar 11 2019

(5:07) Tyler Bartlett offers his take on the indoor races as he watched his brother & friends race and looks ahead to his second season as owner at Can Am Speedway. You’ll never guess what he learned!    
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