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Rich Skora talks about his unlimited heat win Dec 6
(Audio) Posted Dec 07 2019

(1:56) Rich Skora told me about his heat win in the unlimited class, described how well his kart handled in the turns and why we saw smoke off the left rear in the corners.   
Matt Thomas explains how you can watch from home Dec 6
(Audio) Posted Dec 07 2019

(3:34) Matt Thomas explains how fans of the Indoor Championship can watch the event live from their home, how they can watch it later and describes some of the challenges of covering this unique event.  
Kevin Ward tells me about his Kart team for the weekend Dec 6
(Audio) Posted Dec 07 2019


Kevin Ward described what his team brought to the event, analyzed how the heat races went on Friday night and shared some of the advice he’s giving his young driver. 
Tyler Thompson ran down his kart plans for Saturday Dec 6
(Audio) Posted Dec 07 2019

(6:42) Tyler Thompson watched the action on Friday night from Syracuse, looked forward to a very busy day later today and told me how happy he was with the way things went on the asphalt this past season.     
Dan Kapuscinski talks about his Champ Kart at Syracuse Dec 6
(Audio) Posted Dec 07 2019

(3:30) Dan Kapuscinski talked about learning to race a Champ Kart this off season, described how it compares to a standard kart and tells us how much indoor racing he will do in 2020.    
Rick Martell previews this weekends Indoor Championship Dec 2
(Audio) Posted Dec 04 2019

(12:38) Rick Martel reminds us all about the 27th Indoor Championship this Friday and Saturday in Syracuse, describes some of the added classes for this year’s event and talks about racing with his grandson.    
Denny Peebles talks about racing Karts this weekend Dec 2
(Audio) Posted Dec 03 2019

(13:52) Denny Peebles talks about racing karts indoors this weekend in Syracuse, describes what it is that he likes best about this show and remembers his scary fire at Brewerton Speedway in his Sprint Car.    
Brett Wright at the NERP Trade Show Nov 23
(Audio) Posted Dec 01 2019

(5:52) Brett Wright showed off the newest member of his family at the Northeast Racers Auction & Trade Show and talked about his season in a Sprinter as well as what he learned this past season.    
Kyle Hoffman at the NERP Trade Show Nov 22
(Audio) Posted Dec 01 2019

(7:27) Kyle Hoffman tells me about his role with DKM and goes over some of his background in business as well as why he feels racers should buy their chassis from their factory.    
AJ Kingsley at the NERP Trade Show Nov 23
(Audio) Posted Dec 01 2019

(5:40) A.J. Kingsley talked about racing Modified last season, remembered his crazy heat race from Outlaw 200 Weekend and shared some childhood memories of growing up at Fulton Speedway with his family at the helm.    
Todd Morey at the NERP trade show Nov 22
(Audio) Posted Dec 02 2019

(7:48) Todd Morey thought back on his time announcing dirt Modified races in CNY as a teenager, told me what he’s been doing since then as well as the Monster Truck series he is with now.   
Bailey Groves at the NERP Trade Show Nov 22
(Audio) Posted Nov 30 2019

(9:01) Bailey Groves remembered her time racing at Syracuse as a kid, explains how a lot of what she learned then helps her today and talked about her 2019 season driving a Sportsman.    
Billy Shantel Jr. at the NERP Trade Show Nov 22
(Audio) Posted Nov 30 2019

(5:35) Billy Shantel Jr. told me what he and his car owner were doing at the parts show and what type of chassis he has to buy because of his height and how fortunate he was in a flip a few years ago.    
Tyler Trump at the NERP Trade Show Nov 22
(Audio) Posted Nov 30 2019

(4:33) Tyler Trump talked about running a big block for the first time, what it was like adjusting to the extra power and gives advice to any Sportsman drivers who are thinking of moving up to Modifieds.    
Craig Pritchard at the NERP Trade Show Nov 23
(Audio) Posted Nov 29 2019

(5:09) Craig Pritchard split his time between asphalt & dirt and talked about what he bought at the show as well as how cool the new magnetic releases on the air helmets are. I know right?    
Rob Fuller at the NERP Trade Show Nov 22
(Audio) Posted Dec 02 2019

(6:47) Rob Fuller talks about his new role at Troyer Race Cars, shows me their new racecars for 2020 and talks about his own background in the sport racing on asphalt.    
Loren Lincoln at the NERP Trade Show Nov 23
(Audio) Posted Nov 29 2019

(5:01) Loren Lincoln ran down how his 2019 season went in a Sportsman, why the quality of his results was down and his hopes to be able to do more in the coming year.    
Brett Tonkin at the NERP Trade Show Nov 23
(Audio) Posted Nov 29 2019

(5:20) Brett Tonkin ran down what he has in his race shop right now, described what he plans on doing this off season as well as his hopes to run some spec head 358 Modified races.    
Rick Young at the NERP Trade Show Nov 23
(Audio) Posted Dec 02 2019

(6:35) Rick Young explains how he came from England to Canada, remembers his day as a racecar driver back in the UK and tells how that helps him take better pictures in the heat of the moment.  
Mike Welch at the NERP Trade Show Nov 23
(Audio) Posted Nov 28 2019

(4:05) Mike Welch reviewed how he did in a pair of stock cars and how each of those racecars were on track as well as a new car he is in the process of building right now.    
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