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Dwight Nichols talks about a comeback in 2020 Dec 14
(Audio) Posted Dec 15 2019

(11:46) Dwight Nichols explained why he got a late start in 2019 with hit Sportsman, why he was sidelined in late August and what he is doing this off season to be ready for a full year in 2020. Go get ‘em Dwight and stay healthy!    
Cory Reed talks Brewerton and Fulton and Enduros Dec 12
(Audio) Posted Dec 13 2019

(15:55) Cory Reed ran down some special dates at Fulton & Brewerton, spoke about the DIRTcar Sportsman Series races and hinted at a possible Enduro race in 2020. And Cory knows Enduro racing!    
Jordan McCreadie talks about his 358 ride for 2020 Nov 17
(Audio) Posted Nov 19 2019

(13:22) Jordan McCreadie spoke about his new 358 Modified ride for 2020, how the deal came together and where they will be racing in the coming year.  
Ronnie Davis reviews his 3 win season in Modifieds Nov 17
(Audio) Posted Nov 18 2019

(20:12) Ronnie Davis III reviews his three win season as he won in both small block and big block Modifieds, remembered how up & down his season started in the big block and something that happened at Super DIRT Week that had never heard of before.    
David Marccuccilli reviews his 2 win season in a 358 Nov 3
(Audio) Posted Nov 04 2019

(25:28) David Marcuccilli reviewed his 2 win season in 2019, how surprised he was to win a DIRTcar 358 Series race and talked about the need for a title sponsor for 2020. Wishing you all the best David!    
Chris Mackey talks about his plans to race at Utica Rome Oct 22
(Audio) Posted Oct 23 2019

(17:36) Chris Mackey told me about his Super DIRT Week results, how he did at his three weekly tracks and his plans to run Utica Rome’s Monster Mash show this Saturday.  
Brew Matt Janczuk Sp pre race Oct 10
(Audio) Posted Oct 11 2019

(7:12) Matt Janczuk explained how he trashed a car in a crash on Tuesday at Utica Rome and rebounded for a big win the next night in Weedsport as well as how losing a car has changed his Super DIRT Week plans.  
Brew Ryan Arbuthnot 358 pre race Oct 10
(Audio) Posted Oct 11 2019

(5:13) Ryan Arbuthnot  explained why he improved so much in his championship season in 2019, ran down how he did at the nighttime shows and talked about getting his big block out again on Saturday in Fulton.  
FS Kevin Britten talks about racing in Australia Oct 4
(Audio) Posted Oct 10 2019

(8:44) Kevin Britten talks about winning another Australian Modified Championship, what he likes best about visiting America to see his older brother race and describes his role this week as well as his hopes to maybe get his driver’s suit some use.    
FS Mitch Gibbs Mod pre race Oct 5
(Audio) Posted Oct 10 2019

(6:58) Mitch Gibbs told me what he brought to the Outlaw 200 and explains why he was hoping for a slick racetrack in Fulton as well as why he missed a few races after a hard crash in Afton.    
FS Rob Bellinger Mod pre race Oct 5
(Audio) Posted Oct 10 2019

(3:18) Rob Bellinger tells me how he stays skinny and ran down some of the shop work they did back home to get his cars ready for both Fulton Speedway and Super DIRT Week.    
FS Tyler Siri Mod pre race Oct 5
(Audio) Posted Oct 10 2019

(3:34) Tyler Siri came into Fulton on Saturday for the first time in a while and talked about some of the changes they did to get the car right for the Hoosier tires as well as the finish coming at Outlaw Speedway next weekend.    
FS Chuck Miller Sp pre race Oct 5
(Audio) Posted Oct 10 2019

(2:55) Chuck Miller qualified his Sportsman for Fulton and told me how he has done racing out on the road as well as his plans to finish out his season with his car One World Championship at The Dirt Track at Charlotte.     
FS Remington Hamm Sp pre race Oct 5
(Audio) Posted Oct 09 2019

(2:18) Remington Hamm talked about starting on the pole on Saturday at Fulton, how he did during the regular season at Can Am and what he has learned these past three seasons in a Sportsman.  
FS Jack Meeks Sp pre race Oct 5
(Audio) Posted Oct 09 2019

(2:53) Jack Meeks spoke about his Sportsman qualifier and described the race surface he saw in hot laps as well as why he was not going to change anything from what he did the night before.    
FS Jimmy Spano Sp pre race Oct 5
(Audio) Posted Oct 09 2019

(3:09) Jimmy Spano showed us some hunting pics as he wandered the pit area and talked about his win a Sportsman heat at Fulton as well as what his strategy was for the 50 lap series race.  
FS Rocky Warner Mod pre race Oct 5
(Audio) Posted Oct 09 2019

(3:23) Rocky Warner told me about his Friday at Fulton, how big it would be for him just to make the Outlaw 200 and remembered how things went in his previous race the year before.  
FS Jim Witko Mod pre race Oct 5
(Audio) Posted Oct 08 2019

(3:40) Jim Witko explained why he was feeling good coming into Saturday’s Outlaw 200, described home much better things went towards the end of the regular season and why he’s making no changes for 2020.    
FS Modified drivers at the pre heat draw Oct 5
(Audio) Posted Oct 07 2019

(22:15) Hear from many of the Modified drivers at Fulton Speedway as they draw for their starting positions in this long clip done right in front of the fans. Lots of good stuff in this one. 
FS Tim Fuller Mod pre race Oct 5
(Audio) Posted Oct 07 2019

(5:56) Tim Fuller spoke about a brake issue he was fixing and spoke about his five win season in a Modified as well as why he changed his mind bringing a small block to Fulton instead of a big block.  
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