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TM Mike Bowman Mod feature winner Aug 3
(Audio) Posted Aug 04 2019

(6:13) Mike Bowman won his third race of the seasonat Thunder Mountain and told me about the lines he ran to hold off the competition while explaining what it is that makes this track different than others. 
Mike Bowman talks about his win at Thunder Mountain Jul 23
(Audio) Posted Jul 24 2019

(12:39) Mike Bowman talked about his win on Saturday at Thunder Mountain, explained how that helped make his next day a little easier and described his sixth place finish in Sunday's Wade Decker Memorial.
Mike Bowman talks about his two win weekend Jul 15
(Audio) Posted Jul 16 2019

(14:08) Mike Bowman spoke about his Modified feature wins at Utica Rome on Friday and Thunder Mountain Saturday while explaining why his engine choice was a big help on Friday and how cool it was to double up on the weekend, something he had not done since his Sportsman days.
TMS Mike Bowman Mod pre race May 26
(Audio) Posted Jun 01 2019

(3:20) Mike Bowman talked his season so far at Thunder Mountain and why it is tough to be one of two Mike Bowmans in the racing world and how his wife is doing in her secons season in a Sportsman.
Mike Bowman talks about getting ready for 2019 Mar 31
(Audio) Posted Apr 01 2019

(12:11) Mike Bowman updates me on the cars he is working on for both him and his wife to drive this season at Thunder Mountain, explains why he switched to the track last season and what he did in the shop on Sunday.  
WS Mike Bowman 2nd place Mod heat May 20
(Audio) Posted May 22 2018

(2:00) Mike Bowman finished second in his heat race on Sunday and talked about how his 358 was so strong against the big blocks after giving up several hundred horsepower.    
Ful Mike Bowman Mod at practice Apr 24
(Audio) Posted Apr 27 2018

(3:44) Mike Bowman talked about his pair of practice sessions and how the 358 compared to his big block as well as why he feels that the small blocks are the way to go in the future.    
Mike Bowman talks about his 358 plans for 2018 Jan 18
(Audio) Posted Jan 19 2018

(12:23) Mike Bowman tells me about his move to a 358 at Fulton, explains why he feels this is the right move to make and wonders about the long term future of big blocks.    
Ful Mike Bowman Mod pre race Sep 30
(Audio) Posted Oct 01 2017

(3:53) Mike Bowman watched the first hot laps of the day and talked about how quickly the season went by and racing with sail panels on his big block Modified.    
Ful Mike Bowman Mod pre race Aug 19
(Audio) Posted Aug 22 2017

(4:28) Mike Bowman recapped his rough night on Friday, described the big crash he was part of after a restart and what he had to do to the car to race Saturday.    
Brew Mike Bowman 3rd place Mod Jul 21
(Audio) Posted Jul 22 2017

(1:34) Mike Bowman picked up four spots to finish fourth and told me about a mistake he made on a restart and why he trusted his race with the eventual winner.    
WS Mike Bowman Mod pre race Jul 11
(Audio) Posted Jul 15 2017

(3:28) Mike Bowman told me about picking up his first Mod win of the season Saturday night at Fulton, how good it felt to win from twelfth and how nice it was to see a friend win his career first.    
Ful Mike Bowman Mod heat winner Jun 10
(Audio) Posted Jun 11 2017

(1:26) Mike Bowman led every lap to win his heat and talked about the trouble they had with getting the race started as well as what he thought about his racecar so far.   
Brew Mike Bowman Mod heat winner May 12
(Audio) Posted May 13 2017

(2:30) Mike Bowman picked up a comfortable win his Mod heat and talked about the race line he ran as well as the one lap he missed his mark a bit.  
Ful Mike Bowman Mod practice Apr 22
(Audio) Posted Apr 26 2017

(3:48) Mike Bowman told me about his recent practice laps, the new chassis he has for the 2017 season and looked ahead to a busy weekend with two days of racing at Fulton.  
Brew Mike Bowman SDS pre race Sep 16
(Audio) Posted Sep 18 2016

(8:21) Mike Bowman spoke about the birth of his baby daughter, how the first two weeks have gone so far and what a unique experience it was for all three of them!   Those of you with kids will really like this one.
Ful Mike Bowman Mod pre race Aug 27
(Audio) Posted Sep 01 2016

(6:48) Mike Bowman recaps his top ten finish at Brewerton, a recent issue he had at Fulton Speedway and tells me about the new baby they are expecting. Congratulations and nice job going old school here!  
Ful Mike Bowman 3rd place Mod Aug 6
(Audio) Posted Aug 07 2016

(1:21) Mike Bowman led five laps in the feature running the outside before finishing third and explained what went wrong late that caused his car to fade a little.
Ful Mike Bowman Mod heat winner Aug 6
(Audio) Posted Aug 07 2016

(2:10) Mike Bowman ran the high side for a win in the first Modified heat and explained what he saw on the track as he watched the heats that were after his.
Brew Mike Bowman Mod feature winner Jul 22
(Audio) Posted Jul 23 2016

(3:00) Mike Bowman led all but one lap and talked about the pressure he felt on restarts as well as why he stayed down on the inside groove.
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