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Mike Stacey tells me about his 2018 plans and his past Mar 2
(Audio) Posted Mar 03 2018

(28:28) Mike Stacey talks about his 2018 Sportsman season, how he did in some late season specials and remembers his start in racing on the ice as a teenager.    
Lance Willix talks about a new weekly home in 2017 Jan 28
(Audio) Posted Jan 31 2018

(20:04) Lance Willix talks about adding Utica Rome Speedway to his weekly plans for 2018, what he likes about his Friday home, Mohawk International raceway, and the growth of 358’s. Good one here!   
Brian McDonald reviews his 2 win season in 2018 Jan 13
(Audio) Posted Jan 15 2018

(15:26) Brian McDonald talked about his season at Mohawk International Raceway and at Cornwall, described the two new cars he is putting together and remembers a rough Super DIRT Week.     
Mike Maresca reviews his 2017 Modified season Dec 8
(Audio) Posted Dec 10 2017

(26:56) Mike Maresca talks about his 2017 Modified race season that included racing a three tracks weekly, how he did last weekend indoors and looks ahead to the Tulsa Shootout in three weeks.    
Mike White talks about his two race win streak Sep 21
(Audio) Posted Sep 25 2017

(11:55) Mike White told me about his recent Pro Stock victories, why he did not race this past weekend and what he found when he recently went through his racecar.    
Peter Britten talks about his flip at Granby Sep 14
(Audio) Posted Sep 15 2017

(13:02) Peter Britten tells me about his big crash at Granby and how a friend helped keep him on the track the next night at Le RPM and what he will drive in three series races this weekend.    
Jessica Power talks about her 2 races this weekend Sep 13
(Audio) Posted Sep 14 2017

(14:26) Jessica Power recaps her recent three race weekend, looks ahead to pair of Sportsman series races this weekend and tells me about her daily job which could not be further away from racing.
UR Tim Fuller Mod pre race Aug 27
(Audio) Posted Aug 29 2017

(4:33) Tim Fuller ran down how he did at Mohawk International Raceway on Friday night, his chances to win two championships for the first time in many years and his late season plans.    
UR Devin Willis Sp pre race Aug 6
(Audio) Posted Aug 11 2017

(5:01) Devin Willis talked about his first races in a Sportsman, what was different than he thought before he got behind the wheel and his extensive motocross background.   
UR Mike Maresca Mod pre race Aug 6
(Audio) Posted Aug 10 2017

(8:09) Mike Maresca recapped his weekend that included a rain out and a jingle he was involved in at Fonda that put him back a bit before racing back up to seventh.   
Rick Young Mohawk International 7-28-17
(Photo Album) Posted Jul 29 2017

Billy Dunn recaps his two win weekend Jul 25
(Audio) Posted Jul 26 2017

(15:10) Billy Dunn talks about his first win of the season at Mohawk International, how me made a late pass to win his fifth at Can Am as well as differences between racing small blocks and big blocks.    
CNM Dave Thompson pre race Jun 28
(Audio) Posted Jul 11 2017

(4:20) Dave Thompson describes his job at Mohawk International, what the racers will see weekly and how he likes racing with his oldest son.    
CNM Billy Dunn 358 pre race May 27
(Audio) Posted Jun 02 2017

(4:04) Billy Dunn tells me how he is doing at Mohawk International, who has been beating him on Friday nights and what he will be doing with his big block as he stays primarily with 358’s.
UR Tim Fuller Mod pre race May 28
(Audio) Posted Jun 01 2017

(2:25) Tim Fuller talked about his two win season so far at Mohawk International Speedway and Fonda Speedway while explaining how some good starting spots have helped
Danny OBrien talks about his win at Brockville May 24
(Audio) Posted May 25 2017

(7:53) Danny O’Brien tells me how he won the caution free Brockville Modified opener after spinning on his opening lap in his heat race and talked about his top ten at Mohawk International. 
Ful Mike Stacey Sp pre race Apr 28
(Audio) Posted May 01 2017

(4:02) Mike Stacey recapped his Sportsman season at Mohawk International, explained how he fell back three spots on the final night and what he was doing to cure a push at Fulton.  
Brian McDonald talks about plans for 2017 Mar 26
(Audio) Posted Mar 27 2017

(14:47) Brian McDonald talked about his three win season in 2016, where he will start his season in 2017 and thought back on his start in racing in a Street Stock back in 1988.  
Shane Pecore tells me about his season at MIR and his 2016 plan...
(Audio) Posted Mar 08 2016

(14:57) Shane Pecore remembers his season at Mohawk International and talks about his new parts business as well as his plans for 2016 that include a lot of trips to Weedsport.  
Jordan McCreadie talks about his season at Mohawk and Brockvill...
(Audio) Posted Feb 18 2016

(16:32) Jordan McCreadie talks about his season at Mohawk International and Brockville Ontario Speedway, how close he is to getting that first dirt Modified win and how his family helps his racing efforts.  
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