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Jimmy Phelps talks about Weedsport and Volusia Mar 11
(Audio) Posted Mar 15 2018

(9:20) Jimmy Phelps previewed the coming season in Weedsport, ran down his plans for the season and talked about adding a new Saturday night home.    
Matt Hulsizer at the Winter Blast Feb 17
(Audio) Posted Feb 21 2018

(7:03) Matt Hulsizer runs down his plans for the season and talked about the realities of torsion bars as well as what he heeds to do to finish up his racecar for the track in 2018.    
Jimmy Phelps previews 2018 in Weedsport Dec 14
(Audio) Posted Dec 16 2017

(11:42)   Jimmy Phelps runs down the schedule at Weedsport Speedway for 2018, hints that some additional dates could be forthcoming and talks about the new clay they are putting down now.  
Jessica Power reviews her 2017 racing season Dec 10
(Audio) Posted Dec 13 2017

(26:16) Jessica Power reviews her one win season in 2017 and tells me some life skills racing has taught her as well as how strong the Sportsman division is in Central New York.    
Nick Guererri talks about his 2017 Sportsman season Dec 7
(Audio) Posted Dec 08 2017

(21:16) Nick Guererri talked about his one win season at four different racetracks, how tough Sportsman racing is today and his Weedsport struggles.   
Jimmy Phelps talks about Weedsports swap meet on Saturday Oct 25
(Audio) Posted Oct 26 2017

(15:36) Jimmy Phelps talks about Saturday’s Swap Meet at Weedsport Speedway, his fourth place at Eastern States and looks ahead to next weekend’s World Finals in Charlotte.    
Tony Veneziano previews the WoOs in 2017 Oct 12
(Audio) Posted Oct 15 2017

(21:29) Tony Veneziano gets you up to speed on the World of Outlaw Sprint Cars season so far with just nine races to go as they race in Weedsport today and Ransomville on Monday. Come to races informed by listening to this clip.    
Jeff Hachmann talks about SDW and late season races Oct 12
(Audio) Posted Oct 14 2017

(9:15) Jeff Hachmann reviews Super DIRT Week 2017 and gets ready for some big late season specials including tonight at Lernerville, tomorrow in Weedsport and Monday at Ransomville.    
Mike Mahaney talks about his busy weekend and SDW Oct 12
(Audio) Posted Oct 14 2017

(15:43) Mike Mahaney talks about his hopes for tonight’s 360 race at Brockville and Sunday in Weedsport while thinking back on the 200 lap finale at Super DIRT Week.    
Dougs Thoughts on SDW and much more Oct 10
(Audio) Posted Oct 11 2017

(24:01) In the latest Doug’s Thoughts I talk about Super DIRT Week, what’s up this weekend at the racetracks of the northeast and a little bit about what I am doing behind the scenes. I’m excited for the future.    
Tony Veneziano talks about the WoO Sprints Oct 9
(Audio) Posted Oct 10 2017

(17:06) Tony Veneziano reports on the WoO Sprint race from Fulton and looks ahead to this weekend’s race in Pa. and NY while chatting about life on the road with the series.    
WS Ryan Jordan Mod pre race Sep 4
(Audio) Posted Sep 11 2017

(4:04) Ryan Jordan summed up some of what he learned in his first season in a big block Modified, how happy he was with the end result as well as how close he came to his first victory in the class.    
WS Luke Horning ProSt pre race Sep 4
(Audio) Posted Sep 10 2017

(3:48) Luke Horning spoke his chances for a championship, who is the best ball buster in racing talk and how cool it was to set fast time in Weedsport on Monday.    
WS Sam Reakes IV 360 pre race Sep 4
(Audio) Posted Sep 09 2017

(6:01) Sam Reakes IV summed up how he did last weekend at a pair of racetracks that he really likes, how fast it was on Friday and how fast he was early on at Fulton.    
WS Nick Stone ProSt pre race Sep 4
(Audio) Posted Sep 09 2017

(4:04) Nick Stone described a change he was making to his Pro Stock and compared 2017 to some of his others while looking at where he is in the King of Dirt points.    
WS Danny Varin Sp and Mod pre race Sep 4
(Audio) Posted Sep 09 2017

(4:43) Danny Varin talks about his dramatic win at Brewerton, why he decided to add Monday’s race in Weedsport to his plans and how he likes to run at Weedsport.    
WS Joe Trenca 360 pre race Sep 4
(Audio) Posted Sep 08 2017

(4:29) Joe Trenca recapped his Sprint Car race Saturday at Fulton, why he felt he was just sitting on top of the track and his race Friday night at Williams Grove.    
WS Paulie Colagiovanni 360 pre race Sep 4
(Audio) Posted Sep 08 2017

(3:13) Paulie Colagiovanni told me about his races at Brewerton & Fulton, a problem they had on Friday related to an issue the week before and his move to a back up car for Monday.   
WS Dave Axton 360 pre race Sep 4
(Audio) Posted Sep 08 2017

(3:38) Dave Axton spoke about racing his Sprint Car in Weedsport, his recent top five finish up in Canada and how he did with a pair of shows last weekend in Central New York.    
WS Rob Yetman ProSt pre race Sep 4
(Audio) Posted Sep 07 2017

(3:08) Rob Yetman described a nagging motor issue he has been dealing with on his Pro Stock, his championship at Lebanon Valley and what he thought of his first laps in Weedsport.    
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